Seniors and Carers welcome at First Edition Upholstery

Furniture Repairs for Seniors
We repair furniture for Seniors and Carers, Dining chairs re-glued and re-upholstered.
Sofa seats re-webbed and new seat foams fitted to make them easier to get in and out of, and of course our discounted re-upholstery service for seniors and carers.

Seniors and Carers

We have supported Seniors and Carer's for many years and we are proud to be associated with a scheme designed to help seniors and carers, we offer special discounts, to them for any of our services, and welcome them to our premises.
We are a registered business in the Queensland Government Seniors and / Carers Business Discount Card scheme
And we ask any senior or carer to contact us through our web page contact, so that we can help them with any enquiries