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Retro Chairs for sale custom made on the Gold Coast,vintage furniture is timeless, upholstered in retro fabrics

RETRO CHAIRS Restoration by Upholsterers Gold Coast First Edition Upholstery

Retro chairs are timeless and can be purchased direct from our factory on the Gold Coast in Miami.

We manufacture 7 models and can upholster them in any Fabric or vinyl some models are manufactured with a matching sofa, or Ottoman.

RETRO FURNITURE Sleepy Hollow is a very retro chair with the tall slender back its just ba cool chair . Vintage Furniture is very popular and we specialize in the the restoration and recover of Retro Furniture if you want to know how much it will cost visit our prices page .

FIRST EDITION Upholstery is the leading retro, chair upholstery shop on the gold coast, vintage style is very vogue and will compliment any room they become a conversation piece when restored it takes a lot of hard work to remove the old stain and lacquer from the timber frames and we have a few techniques to share with you to accomplish this.

Stripping the timber using a gel is common and works quite well but we find we have to repeat the process a few times to get a good result and completely remove the old stain, and it can be very messy so you need read  the instructions on the tin before starting, the safety guide is very important on the tins, you need gloves and a mask , be sure to work in a well ventilated area, it does work but takes time and will be messy.

Stripping back the timber frame by sandblasting is also used by more professional people you need to have a very good compressor to do this because the air pressure is high 120 pounds and needs to be constant as soon as the pressure drops the medium stops flowing and you have to wait for it to build up again to continue, this also takes a mess and the sand needs to be picked up and used again the process does work but can also pit the timber because the sand is very course , there are different grades of medium that you can purchase and it is a expensive process, once again there are safety precautions to adhere to, so make sure you read and follow the instructions on your equipment, we would not recommend this for the home handyman.

Stripping back Retro Chair frames by Sanding is my preferred method because its a lot safer and the results are impeccable, the best results are achieved by following my method i have plenty of experience in all these methods and this is my recommended method, first disassemble the chair  into components piece by piece so you have every piece individually and easy to handle flat on the work bench then using 180 grit sand paper  start removing the old stain and lacquer you should use good quality sand paper for this not the thin cheap brands, they clog and tear whilst your using them.

the beauty of this method is you can sand all the way to the edges if the chair was assembled its impossible to get the stain at the edges and you will see the old stain later that you couldn't remove.

Once you have finished removing all the stain you can now switch the sandpaper to 240 grit which then reduces the scratches from the 180 grit, that's the theory behind sandpaper grit, we spool our customers and final sand with 320 grit.

The next step is to remove all the gluu from the dowels or mortise & tenon depending on how the chair was made, you need to make sure the dowels are still strong and well glued, we would then go and clamp the chair back together and leave it overnight to set strong,the next day remove all the clamps and lets give it a coat or two to raise the gran and give us something to sand flat with 320 grit and smooth,re-coat and repeat the process sanding with 400 grit this usually gives a nice smooth finish on the timber and we normally don't have to do any further sanding or spraying.



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