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First Edition Upholstery has been servicing the Fitness industry for 12 years, we are specialists upholsterers offering fantastic service and advice. We have all the vinyl's needed in stock and the plywood if we need to replace a broken board, our foam is high density the best on the market.

As long as the gym pads are dropped into our factory early morning we will have them finished ready for pick up in the afternoon, we carry most popular colours in stock and we can source other colours within the week.

Pacifica vinyl colours for gym pad reupholstery
Pacifica vinyl sample card showing colours

ABOUT PACIFICA Pacifica delivers hard-wearing performance popular in commercial upholstery, this vinyl features the same production technology as all other Pacifica ranges, and is therefore,

* Highly UV resistant for harsh Australian conditions

* Flame Retardant compliant with International Standards including

* Bacteriostat treated to resist the growth of mold and mildew

* Pacifica is suitable for both interior and exterior commercial upholstery.

Don't let this happen to your gym pads, the fitness industry is very competitive, your members will not like using this seat, call us and book them in now

gym pads need recovering in new vinyl call First Edition upholstery Gold Coast
damged exercise seat vinyl cracked and worn out picture
gym pads need re-upholstery call First Edition Upholstery
exercise equipment damged picture showing wear

damaged gym pad needs repair
gym pad that needs to be repaired

Re-upholstered gym pads look good and feel great, your members will love them, and enjoy there work out at your gym.


Our client list-Fitness first Gold Coast and Brisbane-Snap fitness gold Coast and Brisbane-Globe Gold Coast-Eye fitness-Go Health Gold Coast and Brisbane-My Fitness Broad beach-Jindalee all Sports-lifestyle fitness clubs, Springwood and Redbank Plains.Goodlife gym

gym equipment repairs First Edition Upholstery Gold Coast
Picture showing exercise equipment


For pricing and bookings

Steve 0417798778 or email

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